NOF Professional Education Mission Statement

The purpose of NOF's Professional Education Program is to provide superior quality, scientifically rigorous, independent and balanced educational activities that are intended to improve the knowledge and competence of healthcare providers thus influencing the quality of patient care. Therefore, the program is dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical and professional performance in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis for all healthcare professionals.

The content areas covered by NOF’s Professional Education Program include, but are not limited to: prevention, diagnostic and treatment approaches; risk assessment; effective screening measures; dietary effects on bone; exercise and post-fracture treatment and care coordination. Every activity will be taught by content experts and its format and design will support the stated objectives and match the learners’ scope of practice.

The target audience for NOF’s Professional Education Program includes clinicians in medical and surgical specialties, general practice and family physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, physical trainers, radiology technicians and densitometrists and other health care professionals working for bone health. The design and format of each activity will be based upon the appropriate learning levels of the intended audience in order to achieve the desired results. The preferred educational target is a multidisciplinary, interprofessional and team-based, particularly when addressing issues pertinent to fracture liaison services and care coordination.

The type of activities provided by NOF’s Professional Education Program will be based upon adult learning principles and designed to meet desired results through effective faculty, format and content development.

  • Live workshops and conferences with focus on presentations on closely related topics in a single specialty or area of interest which are attended by healthcare professionals from a wide variety of practice settings and locales.

  • Web-based activities will provide engaging and interactive learning opportunities for healthcare professionals who are unable to attend live activities.

  • Enduring materials for self-study such as journals, CD-ROMS and other effective media.

The expected results of participation in NOF’s Professional Education Program are improvements in health care through:

  • Increased knowledge of the most current research advances and medical practices in the field of osteoporosis.

  • Greater competence in performing prevention, diagnostic and treatment measures to ensure overall bone health.

  • Improved practice of high-quality, evidence-based standards of osteoporosis health care delivery.

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