Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Certificate Program

BHOF’s FLS Training Program provides participants with in depth information about:

  • The fundamentals of the Fracture Liaison Service Model of Care 
  • Rationale for secondary fracture prevention
  • Basics of osteoporosis management including pharmacotherapy, nutrition and exercise
  • Tools and resources about how to build and sustain an FLS program

The program emphasizes the importance of appropriate patient assessment, treatment initiation, medical follow-up and care coordination for the post-fracture patient. Those completing the program receive a Certificate of Completion and continuing education credit for individual sessions. 

Primarily targeting physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, the program is designed to help healthcare professionals who seek to:

  • Become FLS coordinators
  • Learn FLS program fundamentals
  • Incorporate principals of the FLS model of care into their current practice
  • Validate their knowledge and receive a certificate of completion or
  • Start an FLS program of their own

The On-Demand program is comprised of 23 individual sessions (synchronized slide/audio presentations) from ISO2022, held virtually in May 2022.  Each session must be completed, including post-test and session evaluation, in order to earn your FLS Certificate of Completion. An overall evaluation is required at the completion of the program and then you may print your certificate.  Each session provides the opportunity to print a CME/CE certificate at the end, or you may wait and print out your transcript once you have finished.

BHOF members in good standing are encouraged to register using their member discount code to receive special discounted member pricing. Past FLS Certificate of Completion recipients can be viewed by year here: 

For more FLS resources, please visit The FLS Coding Guide can be found here: and the FLS Pathway Guide is available for download here:

To participate and earn your Certificate, you may choose from one of the following options: