Bone Health Programs

Healthy Bones for Life™
A program where Peer Educators will share the basics of bone health and why it is important. You will learn bone development over the ages, understand what osteoporosis is, bone loss and fractures. It's the perfect introduction to preventing bone loss, fracture prevention, bone-safe exercise and bone-healthy nutrition. So take steps to stay strong and independent for life! Watch the recording here.

Eating for Healthy Bones™
A nutrition program that teaches the best sources of dietary calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, protein and other essential nutrients. You will learn the recommended dietary allowances (RDA) established by the Institutes of medicine. In addition, we will share helpful tips like reading a nutrition label. To keep our bones strong and healthy for life, we need to feed them properly! Watch the recording here.

Freedom From Fractures™
Strong bones are the foundation of good overall health, yet bone health issues often go undetected until an unexpected fall leads to a fracture. As we age, fractures can a dramatically impact the quality of life, robbing older adults of their independence and leading to other serious health outcomes. You will understand your fracture risk and the next steps to take for better bone health! Watch the recording here.

Posture Power™
A program covering the importance of posture and body mechanics to prevent fractures with quick techniques for safe movement. Postural changes affect our bones and body as we age. Knowing proper alignment and the correct type of exercises can improve posture and help reduce the risk of fractures. In addition, you'll learn the right ways to do your everyday activities. Watch the recording here